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Answering these questions are what our expertise will help you to do.

Energy Risk Management is on every CEO’s radar and managing this key business driver is critical to driving overall costs down. Every company’s objective is different and so is your risk, First Energy Source provides a comprehensive look into what is driving the energy market fundamentals and how to hedge your risk against it.

We are energy market experts who provide the expertise so you can focus on your core business function.

Risk Management


There has been a growing need for CEOs, CFOs and other high ranking executives to understand their company’s environmental impact and how it affects their bottom line. Our sourcing services can assist in understanding how to measure energy efficiency projects, reporting and complying with ever changing regulations or associating brands with social responsibility.

Our strategic partners provide an end-to-end solution that empowers companies and provides the tools necessary to function in a low-carbon economy.

Data Reporting


Data Management & Reporting is the essential start to understanding your baseline for energy efficiency. First Energy Source Data Management service provides a streamlined process that can be tailored to your specific needs. We create and optimize a team to meet your project requirements and provide the proper resources to any customized solution for less than trying to go it alone.

Data Management not only saves you money but can significantly improve service levels to upwards of 99%, and positions resources towards initiatives that generate positive growth.

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our mission

Our mission is to ensure our clients have accurate and fact based energy market intelligence, to make educated decisions. We strive to eliminate the risk of our clients overpaying and over hedging their purchases and making poor decisions on “when” to take action.


our experience

  • True wholesale energy prices
  • Expert utility purchasing analysis
  • Customized hedging and Customized strategies
  • Technical Consulting


our strategies

We believe that buying energy should be driven internally and we work with you to design and implement your strategy. Although suppliers play a key role, it should not be left up to them on when and how you purchase, and what your program design should look like.



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